• Wilson Senior Care “-” Loris

    Loris Rehab & Nursing Center is an 88 skilled nursing facility located in Loris, SC. This facility specializes in 24 hour short and long term care. This facility has been serving the local citizens of Loris and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. Originally the facility was a part of Loris Healthcare System and known as Loris Extended Care. Wilson Senior Care purchased the facility in September of 2014 and there was a name change to Loris Rehab & Nursing Center.


  • The Rehab Center at Morrell

    Rehabilitation is about treating the whole patient – physically, emotionally and socially. To be successful, it must be a team process, involving the right mix of rehabilitation professionals, as well as the patient and family. No one team member is more important than the other, and all work together to reach a common goal – to return the patient to the highest functioning level.

  • Wilson Senior Care “-” Morrell

    Located on 10 wooded acres on the north side of Hartsville, S.C., Morrell Nursing & Rehab Center has been a family-owned and run nursing center for more than 20 years. It was founded by Henry McCuen Morrell, Sr. in memory of his parents, Luke and Lizzie Morrell. In 1996 it was purchased by Darlington-native Dr. John Wilson and his family.

  • Wilson Senior Care “-” Oakhaven

    Founded in 1969 by John M. Wilson, M.D., Oakhaven is one of South Carolina’s most established and respected nursing centers. During its many years of excellent service to the Pee Dee region, Oakhaven’s staff has never rested on its laurels. Our dedicated professionals go the extra mile to make sure Oakhaven feels just like home.

    Operated under the auspices of Wilson Senior Care, Oakhaven is an 88-bed skilled nursing facility offering 24-hour care for short- and long-term visits. Oakhaven’s reputation for cleanliness, superior nursing and attention to the special needs and preferences of its residents are among the reasons why we have an excellent reputation in the community.

  • Wilson Senior Care “-” Medford

    Medford is a lot like coming home. Much like the way you care for your own family, our staff is committed to meeting the special needs of our elders. In fact, this attention to personal care is what sets Medford and the other nursing centers of Wilson Senior Care apart from the rest. We know that you and your family will appreciate just how much like home our centers are.

    Operated under the auspices of Wilson Senior Care, Medford is an 88-bed skilled nursing facility offering 24-hour skilled and intermediate nursing care. Our elders have access to a complete range of healthcare services, including personal visits from physicians and other healthcare providers covering a number of medical and rehabilitative services.

Over 50 Years of Caring . . . For information regarding Admissions please call 843-395-8970!

Career Opportunities

Wilson Senior Care, is an employee owned organization that has a long history of providing quality skilled nursing care in multiple locations throughout South Carolina. When employment opportunities arise individuals who are patient focused and place service above self are ideal for our company.

Long Term Care

At Wilson Senior Care we are by your side for the Long Term! Regardless of which facility you choose: Loris, Medford, Morrell, or Oakhaven we all have the goal of providing excellent skilled nursing care. Explore more about our Long Term Care Services!

Short Term Rehab

Short Term Rehabilitation is about treating the whole patient - physically, emotionally and socially. We believe in accessing the patient where they are and creating a tailored therapy plan. Our dedicated and qualified team of professionals work hard to get our rehab patients on the road to recovery!