Wilson Senior Care is a 100% employee owned (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). An ESOP is an employee benefit plan which makes the employees of the company beneficial owners of stock in Wilson Senior Care. The fundamental purpose behind the ESOP concept is to broaden the ownership of wealth, not through taxation and redistribution, but by broadening access to capital ownership. “We believe that employee ownership improves competitiveness and increases productivity through greater employee participation thereby maximizing our staff potential by enhancing the self-worth, dignity and well-being of our staff”, said Dennis Lofe, President and Chief Executive Officer of Wilson Senior Care.

Employee Ownership plays a large part in the quality of care. WSC Staff take pride in going the extra mile for our patients, not just because it is their job, but because this is their company and they want to make it the best it can be. If our patients and families feel they are getting great customer service then they will recommend WSC facilities to others. It is a win- win for everyone.

2023 ESOP Ambassadors