24 Hour Skilled Nursing Care

At Grand Strand Healthcare, we demand a lot of our skilled nursing team, and they take great pride in rising to the occasion. Boasting more than the highly-specialized skills set and bedside care experience needed to ensure residential care success, our professional nursing team is also revered for its unmatched compassion and unwavering attentiveness.

Whether working to improve your loved ones condition, or maintain his or her current condition to prevent it from worsening, our skilled nursing team will stop at nothing to ensure your loved one gets the very best around-the-clock medical care, and that they are consistently treated with the respect they deserve.

Recognizing that every resident is an individual, and as such each has unique health needs, and their own concerns, our skilled nurses deliver the high-quality care every resident deserves. From 24-hour supervision to expertly delivering even the most sophisticated medical services, the skilled nurses at Grand Strand Healthcare are well-versed in resident care. In fact, their track record in this area is hard to ignore, with years of skilled nursing experience and resident care success – as individual skilled nurses and as a collective team of skilled nursing professionals.

This means that our residents are always under the watchful eye of proven medical professionals who take the extra time and put forth the additional effort to get to know every resident.

Short-term Rehabilitation

With professional licensed physical, speech, occupational and activity therapists on staff, your loved one will have access to the resources needed to achieve and maintain the highest level of independence possible.

This starts with a thorough and accurate assessment of your loved ones current condition, followed by learning about your loved ones treatment goals.

Once determined, our professional rehabilitation team works hand-in-hand with your loved ones physician to tailor a comprehensive rehabilitation treatment plan that meets their specific needs head-on, and assures all shared treatment goals can be met.

Just as important, your loved ones rehabilitation treatment progresses at a pace appropriate and comfortable for him or her, further ensuring short and long-term productivity.

Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy!

Before your loved is discharged, a full home assessment will be made to ensure your loved one makes the transition as easily and safely as possible, and is equipped to continue progressing. This is just one more step we take here at Grand Strand Healthcare to assist your loved one in regaining his or her highest level of functionality, which better ensures your loved one the quality life he or she wants… and deserves.