Wilson Senior Care’s Visitation Policy and Procedure is based upon a template provided by our State health authority, DHEC. Please note in the procedure that the outdoor & indoor visitation policies will require a COVID-19 screening of each visitor, the wearing of a mask provided by the facility as well as social distancing of 6 feet. We regret that physical contact is strictly prohibited, and a staff member will be present during the visit to ensure adherence to the policy.

CMS updates the Community COVID-19 activity level weekly. If the county rate is above 10%, CMS and DHEC defines the rate as high and we must suspend visitations for that week. If you have a planned visit in an upcoming week; please confirm with your Social Services Director or our website that the community rate is below 10%.

If we should have to suspend outdoor and/or indoor visitations for any reason we will make every effort to organize a window visit. Please review this week’s positivity rate below as well as our current outdoor & indoor visitation policies.


Current COVID-19 Positivity Rate

Horry County—19.8%

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Outdoor Visitation Policy

Indoor Visitation Policy

Updated January 12, 2021