Certified Nursing Assistant Training Course 

Wilson Senior Care is offering a FREE Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Training Program. You can get your certification in a matter of weeks!

Upon acceptance into our program you will become a Wilson Senior Care Employee and paid during your training process! Upon successful completion of the training program you will begin working as a CNA at Wilson Senior Care’s Medford, Morrell, or Oakhaven Facility. Bonus opportunities available upon obtaining certification.

Deadline to Apply June 6, 2022.

  1. Complete an application to see if you meet the requirements for the training.
  2. Complete the required Background Check, TB Skin Test, and pass a 10 Panel Drug Screening!
  3. Classes, clinicals, and training are no cost to you.

If you are selected required dates are listed below:

June 20 – June 24: 8 hour classroom days
June 27 – July 8: Must complete 20 lab hours & 40 clinical hours

Call 843‐395-8966 for more information!

Click Here to Apply for CNA Training Course!