Services at Morrell


Morrell understands that for many patients who have recently experienced orthopedic surgery, at home recovery is not an option. That’s why we created a specialized Rehab Center that focuses on short-term, post-surgical orthopedic rehabilitation. The Rehab Center at Morrell strives to offer patients a seamless transition from the admissions process to a custom rehabilitation program.

Our services include Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech-Language Pathology. Upon admission, the physician will evaluate the patient and order rehabilitation.

Extensive Activities Program

At Morrell, we strive to assure an active and enjoyable lifestyle for our patients who wish to participate in our extensive Life Enhancement Program. Residents can participate in music, singing, crafts and exercise classes at Morrell, as well as, go shopping and touring nearby locations.

Therapeutic Dining Program

Our Therapeutic Dining Program offers meals that are modified for content or consistency for patients with special diets and needs.