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Recovering from a serious illness or surgery can be one of the greatest challenges a person can face.

Rehabilitation is about treating the whole patient – physically, emotionally and socially. To be successful, it must be a team process, involving the right mix of rehabilitation professionals, as well as the patient and family. No one team member is more important than the other, and all work together to reach a common goal – to return the patient to the highest functioning level. Our collaboration with Carolina Pines Hospital and other area facilities, allows for most patients to have a smooth and seamless transition from an acute post-operative hospital stay into the rehabilitation environment. With many doctors on both the hospital staff and of the Rehabilitation Center, the patient experiences a continuum of physician coverage.

Differences you will appreciate

Through patient-centered and goal oriented rehabilitation care, the certified rehabilitation staff at Morrell helps patients set and work toward realistic goals that, once reached, should improve the patients’ quality of life. Cost effective and convenient, the skilled rehabilitation program at The Rehab Center offers a wide range of short-term rehab and medical services for orthopedic, neurological, pulmonary and medically complex conditions. Our staff will ensure that skilled rehabilitation and nursing care are provided with the special warmth, attentiveness, and focus of the full range of personal needs that have become Morrell’s hallmark during more than three decades as a leader in the field of nursing care.

Quality of Care

At the Rehab Center we realize that a key component of resident’s success in attaining their goal and return to home is the involvement of their family. To help promote residents recovery, we invite families to actively participate in resident care and discharge planning. Our Rehab Case Manager along with our team of therapists will work with the patients and their families to ensure a safe transition from the rehab center to home.

Our goal is to rehabilitate each patient using a customized protocol set by each individual’s physician. Our focus is to accomplish these goals in the shortest amount of time. We know the patient is anxious to return home, and we will do everything possible to accelerate their recovery. The Rehab Center’s medically complex program is administered by an interdisciplinary team of medical, skilled nursing, and rehab professionals. The team assesses each resident’s needs and implements a plan of care that promotes optimal recovery. Our treatment goal for each patient is maximum functional independence.

Feels Like Home

In late 2014 we completed several renovation and expansion projects. One of those is a new canopy entrance allowing patients and visitors, access to the center with ease and convenience. In addition the facility has 4 newly constructed patient suites, which include spacious rooms with attached baths.

Due to the continued growth of the rehab center one of the most anticipated projects was the expansion of the gym. The finished product is three times the size of the former gym and is home to Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy. The gym contains state of the art equipment accompanied by a bright color scheme chosen to uplift, motivate and energize the patients during therapy.

Last but certainly not least is the Courtyard Café at Morrell. This exclusive area was designed so that rehab patients and their family members have a designated dining and lounge area. The contemporary design and furnishings in the café create a relaxing atmosphere for rehab patients in between therapy sessions. The café is complete with Wi-Fi allowing patients to stay connected with the outside community during their short-term stay.